For your frequent travels here are some creative hacks to stay healthy!

Travelling in life is something which we always welcome. We do preparation from food to stay before going somewhere. All this seems good when you travel in intervals but for frequent travelling things are not that easy. You have to plan out things quickly and in that quickness, your health suffers which you rarely care about because the next day you’ve to take off for your destination.

To stay fit, you need to eat healthy that is for sure, but at the same time getting enough time for yourself can be a tough task, especially if you travel frequently. If travelling for business is a part of your life, it is almost impossible to keep track of your diet especially when there are so many things lined up in your schedule. Also, when we travel the sleepless nights, the unhealthy & sometimes unhygienic foods are some of the factors that affect ourselves mentally as well as physically. You know,

According to research done by Colombia University, travelling for business increases the risk of high BP, obesity and raises the cholesterol levels.

For your ease, we have suggested below some smart and quick ways so that the next time you travel you can focus on your work more acutely.

Home Cooked food is the best food

Rice Bowl

You know it’s universally advised whether you’re travelling or not. The home cooked food is by far the best meal your diet should be comprised of. Avoid eating out and prepare your own meal is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy on the go. Sometimes you may have a commitment with your fellow partners for the lunch while you are on your business meets. However, it will be the only lunchtime of your day the rest of the time still remains for you to eat something healthy. So make the rest of the time count by eating your own cooked food. There are many personal handy cookers, heaters are available in the market that you can take with you on your trip.

You can easily make rice pulao, biryani filled with healthy and delectable veggies. Yes, it’s relatively easier than cooking on the stove. Just all you need to do is to add the required ingredients and switch on the appliance. Your healthy home-cooked meal will be ready in minutes.

Stay hydrated stay healthy

Coffee, tea and a glass of water

During the time of travelling everything runs so busy that you rarely think of drinking water in intervals. If you are a frequent traveller, you need to be attentive for drinking water at intervals, not just that, beware of the water quality you’re drinking. Don’t rely on every next bottled water brand for drinking. It’s safest to take an alkaline water filter pitcher with you. The portable pitcher not only balances the pH level in water but also removes physical and chemical impurities in water. Our stomach is used to of pH values it needs to maintain our system. So, drinking water without the right pH level can lead to a number of health problems.

Well, this may sound strange but you can also ask out for the water purifiers in your hotel whether they’ve or not before booking your room there.

At last, apart from drinking water, you can also try shakes, smoothies and green tea. These are one of the easily available options for you to keep yourself hydrated and satisfy your taste buds as well while you’re travelling.

Say a big No to empty stomach

Oats and dry fruits

It is always recommended not only for travelling but normally that- ‘don’t go out empty stomach’. It causes stomach gas. Sometimes sitting for hours without eating anything leads to chest pain too. So, even if that much important for you to go without eating keep something like Makhane, dry fruits, nuts etc with you. These edibles will not only fill your stomach to the fullest but will give you enough energy and protein until your next meal.

Skipping any meal is a complete no-no. Even if you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to eat breakfast at the hotel, Boiler or coffee makers can help you out. Instead of staying empty stomach and eating something unhealthy later, it is a good option to eat boiled oats(there are a variety of flavours available of it you can try masala one if you need a bit of taste) and a cup of coffee to stay you awake during the meeting but not too much. With the help of Boilers and coffee makers, you can easily boil oats & make coffee according to your preference.

Try eating in short and regular intervals to keep your stomach filled. You can also try boiling eggs that’ll surely keep you fit until your next meal. Eggs are known as ‘complete food’ So, it’ll be better to have them before going out. This habit of not going out with the empty stomach will bring more stamina to your body and you’ll be able to work for long hours without any hustle.

Avoid Germs

shaking hands

Now, this looks little far-fetched because you don’t have a microscope in your hand to look out for germs. But hand sanitizers aren’t that difficult to keep with yourself while travelling. You can keep your hand clean after your meal or a meeting where you’ve shaken hands with tens of people. It’s the easiest and handy way to keep yourself cleaner than others.


hotel room

We get it. We get it. Sleeping away from home can be challenging. You’re working, you’re travelling. Your schedule is hectic. You can’t think about sleeping at any cost. Even if you think you can’t because of meetings and visits. But, that’s the issue. You need to cut the time into slots where you can take power naps. We advise you to ask for a quiet hotel room away from elevators, and street noise. Draw the curtains to avoid outside light in your room. Take ear plugs, & eye mask with you. So, that when you sleep you can avoid distractions.


Eating well is one part of staying healthy while you’re on your toes. The rest involves sleep, hydration and everything we discussed earlier in this blog. So, not much but be equipped with the handy things that can keep you hydrated at regular intervals, that can feed you well, that can help you for your sound sleep when you’ve time. And it’s easy to keep these things with you because they are portable, they are handy & carries minimum weight, they can lend you great outcomes for you to have a healthy body while you’re travelling.



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