Things you must know before getting non-electric water purifier

With the heavy consumption & requirement of electricity in our country, we have left nothing but with the choice of non-electric water purifiers. Well, while we aren’t left with much choices of selecting a category for water purifiers. However, we still have the chance to get the best in the Non-electric purifier category. We will suggest you see the following aspects that you should keep in mind whilst purchasing non-electric Water Purifier.

non-electric water purifier

Most of the Non-Electric water purifiers those are available in the market are based on the Ultrafiltration technology, which does not remove the dissolved impurities. That means these water purifiers are only suitable for use where inlet water has low TDS. What we meant from the previous line is that the non-electric water is best suited for the water that comes from a local source such as Municipality.

These water purifiers have a Micro Membrane and the pores of the UF membrane are very small, and they do not allow the bacterium or cysts to pass through. Nevertheless, getting the water from purifier is still better as compared to boiled water.

Let’s just quickly understand in three steps that how does gravity-based water purifier work?

The gravity-based water purifiers basically consist of three filters:

  1. Microfiber mesh or Pre-filter: This particular filter is attached is in the first section to the uppermost tank and when water is allowed to pass through this, larger particles like sand, dust, mud etc. get removed.
  2. Activated carbon filter: This stage is an important one because here actual purification happens where normal home remedies lag. Here more minute particles, invisible impurities, and chemical contaminants are effectively removed. It also reduces bad odor and colors from the water. It also removes parasites and pesticides.
  3. Polisher or Post-carbon filter: Its basic aim is to re-filter the purified water to make it crystal clear.

Let’s look at the following aspects quickly so that you can get the idea on what to watch out for while looking for a non-electric water purifier

The Carbon Filter

The gravity-based purifiers function on the norm of gravity and don’t need any other outside force. Because duh! Gravity works as the downward force to capture the dirt when to drop the tap water into the filter.

The purifier has the Activated carbon filter which is frequently recommended in water purifiers. It can effectively eliminate remove injurious cyst and microorganisms out of the water, purifies and soften the water absorb chemical residue/ compounds and water purifying effect. These are carbon granules, have been crafted out to catch all the impurities and salts.

Storage Capacity

Yes, while looking for a purifier this is the box which must be ticked. The storage capacity is one of the essential characteristics people look for irrespective of the kind of water purifier they need. The high volume of the storage tank makes sure that the pure drinking water is available for a long duration of time.

You will observe that most of the gravity-based water purifier comprises of the dual storage tank for storing raw water in one and the purified water in the other.

The storage capacity makes it ideal for usage at home or even at offices or anywhere, you would like to please. It is a great product that helps purify water and remove all impurities from it. If you’ve got the family of four-six then the storage of 18 litres in enough but more in number would want 22 litres or above of the storage.

Body Material

The body material. Yes. People often fell for the purifier by just looking at the lovely colour of it that goes great with their traditional kitchen aesthetics. Remember if you’re looking for the water purifier confirm by touching the body of it during buying. Check and ask whether it causes leakage or not. Because leakage is one of the major concern that most of the people suffer from who uses the gravity based water purifier. The body of the water purifier must be of ABS food-grade plastic that is unbreakable.

Let me share you my companion’s personal experience of having the gravity based non-electric water purifier. So, after having the purifier my friend changed its place frequently and after some time noticed that it has the leakage at the second level of purification.

Chemical free water

There are numerous water purifiers that utilize chemicals for purifying water, which might be really injurious to health. The Ultra-Filtration water purifier generally makes use of chemical-free decontamination techniques to filter the drinking water. Well, say it or not the last thing you want from water purifier is it to deliver the chemical free water.


Well, I too have a non-electric water purifier, which frankly needs washing after the duration of 10-15 days. Accordingly, you require choosing a water purifier, which is effortless to use as well as clean. The maintenance must be simple since you require opening the water purifier several times for washing.

Whether you buy an RO water purifier or a UF water purifier, you still have to spend a few bucks every year on the Maintenance of water purifier. But, the cost of Maintenance of a UF water will be lower when compared with other purification systems.

Understand in this way that boiling of the water also requires cooking gas. Some of us opt for a Bottled Water Can that costs a lot more when compared with the Pureit, Kent or Tata Swach Germ Kill Kits.

If you are looking for a Fully Automatic UF water purifier, you can opt for Kent Smart 7-Litre Non-Electric Online UF Purifier. The Kent Smart UF needs to be connected to running tap water, and you don’t have to fill the water manually.

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Water has to be filled manually 2-3 Times a day for all the other Gravity Based non-electric water purifiers like Kent Gold, or Pureit Classic.

The Average flow-rate of the Non-Electric Water purifiers depend on upon the Quality of the water and may also vary with the life of the Germkill processor. By this, we meant that if the water coming from the tap is already treated then the life of your purifier will be relatively longer.

The Non-Electric UF Water purifiers remove materials like oil, Sand, Clay, Dirt, pesticides, plant waste and also improve the taste of the water. However, these water filters can not remove Metals like Sodium Chloride, Calcium, Arsenic, Magnesium, and Lead.

When to use gravity-based water purifier?

Well, gravity-based purifiers are best suited for Indian houses especially colonies and societies that get their water from a nearby municipal. The water purified from the municipality is said to be ok but one needs to know that it traverses through pipes and in time of the rainy season that could get dangerous to drink it directly. So here are some clear points that’ll guide you exactly when to use it.

  • Gravity-based water purifiers are recommended for municipality or corporation water that does not have harmful heavy metals like lead and arsenic.
  • Since they do not require electricity to operate, so should be used in areas where power cuts are frequent.
  • Work without running water, best suited for areas where running water is not available.
  • These are recommended for TDS level of up to 300-500ppm.

I’ve summarized following tips to give you an idea about the basic things that if you will keep in your mind you will never encounter any big issues regarding safe drinking from your gravity-based water purifier:

  • Always, Drain out the first batch of the water when you buy a new water purifier. Even though the water is completely safe, it might have a distinctive taste.
  • Try cleaning the storage tank once a week or two from inside out to have no interruption in clean water.
  • Always do lookout for water leakage. There are problems of leaking that do arise especially with the non-electric water purifier. Immediately ask for a change from the seller.
  • As you are having a gravity-based water purifier you must be aware of the fact that it is vulnerable to insects and flies. In the morning keep a check beside it. Also, remember to keep that small opening close while you refill the water tank.

Wrapping it up…

The Plastics that are used to build the Non-Electric water purifiers that I have mentioned above are food safe, non-toxic engineering plastics that will not impart a smell to the water.

The best thing about the Non-Electric water purifiers is, they are very compact and be easily shifted from one place to other. Also, you can easily install them all by yourself.

On the whole, All the Gravity based water purifiers offer the same features and work well with Soft water. If you live in a place where there are frequent power outages, you can install a non-electric water purifier at your home and provide safe drinking water for your children and family.

These were some of the things you should keep in your mind while looking for Gravity based non-electric water purifier. If you have any queries regarding water purifier selection, post them in the comments section below, and I’ll be glad to answer them.

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