Top 5 Non-Electric Water Purifiers for your home in India 2018!

Non-electric water purifiers are the best fit as per Indian climate, especially in the rainy season when there is a sudden power cut-off in your home. So to cope with the all-time power cut conditions of our country we have listed you some of the superior & affordable water purifiers in this article.

The name itself says that the Non-Electric Water Purifiers do not require electricity to operate. As they’re not taking any power to function that’s why these water purifiers work only when the TDS levels in the water are low.

We will say that if you get water from Municipality or Public water supply, then you can simply install a Non-Electric water purifier and get the Safe Drinking water for your loved ones.

The Best thing about the Non-Electric Water Purifier is, its maintenance is very easy, it can be easily installed by yourself, and there will not be any water wastage unless there is a leakage in the body (default piece).

In Case, you get water from a source, that contains high TDS levels, and you have to buy an RO water purifier. I have already written a separate article mentioned as ‘Top 8 RO PURIFIERS AVAILABLE BETWEEN ₹10K- ₹15K’. Well, the thing with the RO Purifiers is that it takes more than a just hefty amount. It requires regular maintenance for its long run. After a time water wastage increases. Well, for this problem, I have compiled the handy tips to reuse the Waste Water from RO Water Purifiers.

Coming back to the list of Best non-electric water purifiers. I have managed to make the list based on the real user reviews, my own experience, the performance of the water purifier, technical specifications, and cost.—

Kent Gold Plus

kent-gold-plus non-electric water purifier

non-electric water purifier

Investing in a water purifier is vital for your life and your bank balance. If you are looking for a non-electric water purifier with elegant design and good quality of purification for your water. Then, nothing can get you best than Kent Gold Starr plus in this range.

Forget the concerns about having access to clean and safe drinking water. The Kent 20 Ltr Gold Plus UF Membrane Water Purifier is the right solution for families, single men or women and even in offices, simply because of the convenience this water filters offer you. What is even better is that it’s a tabletop variation, is not dependant on electricity and can be used anywhere, any time.

It is equipped with a storage capacity of 20 litres, this Kent water filter uses superior hollow fibre Ultrafiltration technology to remove impurities, bacteria and even cysts in the most trouble free manner. The filter does not employ the use of chemicals like chlorine, iodine or bromine in the filtration process, which translates into better tasting and healthier water.  This water filter will simplify your life tremendously.

Livpure Brahma Neo

non-electric water purifier

non-electric water purifier

Equipped with advanced 4 stage purification cycle for effective cleaning of water. Livpure Brahma is the best knock in the price range. Light weighted and portable designed, Livpure Brahma Neo is Gravity 24 Litre Water Purifier.  It offers an elegant design with a transparent container that is easy to maintain and operate.

This non-electric RO does not require electric current for its evident performance. The two-way tap helps in having a continuous flow and water burst. The Kitanu Guard helps in effective cleaning of water. The resultant is considered fit for drinking purpose confirming International Standards. The purifier is manufactured using food grade plastic material that is considered to be the best quality plastic. The maximum turbidity of input water is measured as 10 NTU.

There is another version of it available in the market named as Livpure Brahma, which also comes in almost the same range.

Tata Swacch

non-electric water purifier

This water purifier is non-electrical and comes in a lovely blue colour, which will the best fit for your home as well as the office. It has a scratch resistant and unbreakable body that is lovely and attractive. It comes with filter cartridge technology and water level indicator.  The Storage Capacity of the non-electric water purifier is 9 litres, and the water purifier employs a bulb that can work with up to 3000 litres of water.

It is a great product that helps purify water and remove all impurities from it. It comes with a year manufacturer’s warranty and is a long-lasting and durable product.

NOTE: It has by far the best reviews from the buyers and is the value for money.

So, we’ll advise if you’re in an area where water comes from local source then, install non-electric water purifiers without any more thinking.

Pureit Classic 23 lit

non-electric water purifiernon-electric water purifier

This product of Pureit brings a practical water purifier with a large storage capacity to make sure you and your family always drink pure water, without any hassle. Its practical design suggests a water purifier that doesn’t run on electricity or expensive gas to purify water. It doesn’t even require a continuous water supply.

It comes with Activated carbon trap, multistage purification technology which removes 1 core virus from 1 Litre of water. Though the water storage capacity isn’t above 9 litres but in this range, it is enough for a medium family to have it besides the non-electric water purifier.

It is little costly in terms of its carbon filter change which has to be changed in 4-5 months depending on your needs. But, for longer sustainability, it is second to none. My friend is using it for 2 years the quality of water has not degraded throughout this time.

Vivid Star Saffire- 20L

non-electric water purifiernon-electric water purifier

Vivid Star Saffire is a UF Based Gravity Purifier suitable for low TDS Water. It has an elegant design and made of High-quality ABS Food Grade Engineering Plastic. Vivid Star Saffire along with Sediment and Carbon Purification uses a 0.1 Micron UF Membrane that can not only removes bacteria and virus but is also capable of removing the cyst from the water.

 My Experience

Vivid Star is the brand I chose earlier when I went to buy a water purifier in the range of 2k-3.5k. I would have gone with several other brands. However, the body material and the tap height vivid star Saffire grabbed my attention among the others. Later on, I got to know the quality of water from the seller itself that is just tasty and clean.

I am using it now for 6 months & there is not any bad side to it I came across. Yes, one thing that I would like to share here; that it causes some water leakage but unless you put it at your decided place without any regular movements you will be far away from witnessing this problem. In addition, one more thing you must know that I live in a region where the TDS Level is around 150-250ppm so having this purifier was a great deal. It is working perfectly without any issues. At last, you only need to change its cartridge only once after 9 or 10 months. The Cartridge requires costs around 800-900/- in a year which is not a big deal.


Last Verdict…

The thing with non-electric water purifier is that it is easy to maintain, easy to install(which you can do by yourself only for the first time you may need the guidance) otherwise wherever you go, you can install it by yourself. The cleanliness it requires won’t cause much of a trouble to you. I and some of my companions are using this category of water purifier from time and we are satisfied with the quality of the water we get. Unless you inadvertently damage the tap or body during changing the place of it, it has the ability for the long run without much of hassle. Especially, if you’re living in the area with frequent power cut & lower TDS around 150-300ppm, it is the best buy you can ever ask for.

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