Transform Your Body with these Six Secret Celebrity Morning Habits

Well, the best personality you can look up to for inspiration for a fit body are the celebrities. For them being fit means being ferocious. Besides their strict and hectic schedule, they still find out ways to follow a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they usually take the mornings off to unwind themselves.

Following are the six secret celebrity morning habits that will transform your body for good.

1. Meditate

Even though the most of the celebrities sleep two in the morning but when they wake up they denote twenty minutes for meditation.

Celebrity Morning Habits woman meditating

Meditation expert Trungram Gyalwa in his blog Top 10 Tips on How to Meditate explains the benefits of meditating in the morning:

When we wake up we feel refreshed. We aren’t thinking about too much yet or worrying about all the things we need to do today. If we do a short practice first thing in the morning, we’re likely to succeed in meditating on a regular basis. And the positive benefits from that morning meditation will stay with us throughout the day.

Meditation is the good sedative believe it or not. The core of mindfulness is “mindful,” and you can’t be mindful and aware if you’re dropping off to sleep. Choosing the nighttime or evening time is preferable for many people, as they get free from daily chores and office. Especially if you’re leading lady of the house. There is no harm in doing a short meditating session of twenty minutes before falling off to sleep.

The celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Jennifer Aniston or Oprah Winfrey are the ones who promote meditation habits. Also, the businessman as Twitter co-founder has joined the habit of meditation in his daily routine times ago.

Our Advice

Either you are an early bird or not. You may get up at 4:30 am, unless you are not working, where you might stay in bed until eight or nine. Whenever you wake up, take out a time and wash and moisturise your face, then meditate for twenty minutes. Always try to have a shake with your breakfast after that you may go for yoga for 40 minutes. And that’s not all – You can do strength training or just your own thing on the treadmill or cycling or walk just to change things up. Keeping your body confused is always the key to a healthy body.

CEO of The Huffington Post-

Arianna is on the right track! She believes in lots of beauty sleep (as do we) and meditation. She practices for 30 minutes and even offers her employees sessions during their working days.

2. Hydration

Celebrity Morning Habits water in a glass

Keeping yourself hydrated is the best possible way to keep yourself fit. The celebrity Deepika Padukone says that besides she does intensive workout and pilates she prefers drinking adequate amount of water for proper detoxification. She considers it as among the best methods of staying fit and healthy. Drinking water had helped her to make her skin glow and stay healthy and fresh for the long hours.

There is always this saying that over of anything causes damage. So, there is this same thing with water too. Over-hydration never brings any good to your body. Read it yourself what KK Aggarwal had to say about it—

K. Aggarwal, immediate past president, Indian Medical Association (IMA), said, “Overhydration can lead to what is known as water intoxication. In this condition, the amount of salt and other electrolytes in the body become too diluted.”

In support of his above statement he says—

“This varies depending on an individual’s height, weight and exercise patterns. Drinking a lot of water or not having an effective mechanism to remove it from the body can cause water levels to build up. This, in turn, dilutes important substances in the blood. Endurance athletes, such as those who run marathons and triathlons, sometimes drink too much water before and during an event,”

Also, check what a personal trainer had to say about drinking water. Read her following statement for your better understanding

“One thing that I make sure to do right after I wake up is to drink a tall glass of water. I’m a big fan of coffee (I wouldn’t dare dive into my day without it!). But I’ve learned to start with water first, and I turn to it often in order to stay hydrated and energized throughout the day.” — Heather Hesington, personal trainer and blogger at Life In Leggings.

In addition to this point, I’ve already created a separate blog as- “A general water guide to understand how much water should you drink actually in a day.”

3. Exercise

Celebrity Morning Habits Running woman and cycling boys

We have always heard that Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body in shape and fit. Supporting to the statement Actor Akshay Kumar believes in staying fit the natural way. He is fond of outdoor activities like Parkour, Running, functional training or martial arts. According to him, fitness is not about having a bulky body with biceps or abs. It is more important to exercise regularly.

Read what Oprah Winfrey’s day like-

According to Inc, Oprah starts her morning with twenty minutes of meditation, then hits the treadmill to get her heart pumping. She swears that at least fifteen minutes of exercise improve her productivity and boosts energy levels. She then does something to ‘tune herself in’, like going for a walk, listening to music or preparing a nice meal.

We advise you to Exercise as soon as you wake up in the morning is ideal. Running, jogging, speed walking, cycling, swimming and playing sports are all good forms of exercise. They are easy to do and not costly (in case you’re thinking that you can’t afford equipment or gym charges)

“I do sprints. These fasted cardio intervals are a new addition to my morning routine and have proven to shed fat on my body faster than any other form of cardio I’ve tried!”— Heidi Powell, personal trainer and co-author of Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days.

4. Eat Right and stay fit

Celebrity Morning Habits Healthy Food in a bowl

Of course, the effective way to keep yourself fit is to eat right. If you’re aware of this saying that –‘Eat your food like you are taking medicine’ then probably you may understand how impactful your food is for a healthy body.

The young and petite Alia Bhatt focuses on eating properly. “My only mantra is to eat healthily and properly. The most important is to feed yourself right kind of nutrition, right rest and you have to feel internally happy.

Quick Tips

Radhika Karle, celebrity’s trainer here to share some diet tips. She has over ten years of work experience in the field of fitness as a nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga and Pilates instructor.

  1. Don’t skip meals. Please make ensure that you eat every 2 to 3 hours. This is the easiest and most effective way to increase your metabolism. This way with a full stomach you’ll be available for long working hours.
  2. Eat before the hunger pangs start. Don’t wait till you become hungry. If you’ll wait then the hunger will be double and eating loads just to satisfy your awaited hunger in one go is not good for body metabolism.
  3. Drink enough water. At last, everything comes to staying hydrated. It is a most important way to keep yourself supercharge while working. Keep that cool water bottle in front of yourself. Water is the best detox available in your surroundings. It helps flush toxins out of your system.

Ensure you eat a proper meal within 60-70 minutes of exercising. This should not be anything that is high in fibre or fat as that will cause the food to sit longer in your system.

5. Rise Early (We saved it so that you don’t flee just by reading it at first)

Celebrity Morning Habits Rise early

Yes, yes, yes you heard it right. The saying- ‘Early to bed, early to rise keeps your body healthy wealthy and wise’ is indeed true. For the early wake you can take hundreds of big celebrities’, businessmen’s example. From Howard Schultz(CEO of Starbucks), India Nooyi(CEO of PepsiCo), Akshay Kumar(Bollywood Actor& Black Belt). They all wake up early. They know how impactful is waking up early is.

If we take out the example of anyone. Let’s say of Akshay, He follows a strict routine, doesn’t drink or party and suggests that your last meal of the day should be around 6:30-7pm (before sunset) as your body needs at least three to four hours to digest the food before you hit the bed.

Early risers have always had quite an advantage of having the whole morning to themselves. Well, not just mornings they get a whole day. In the morning after getting free from their exercise, meditation they have the slot of doing their own things in their extra time. It is said right that early birds are ahead of night owls. Since celebrities start work early in the day, they try to squeeze in a quick workout before they start work or they wake up before sunrise.


Celebrity Morning Habits breathe out

You may think that this point is a conflict because it is already included in meditation. Well, listen we are not asking you to perform any session or cut out some extra time for just breathing like we said for meditation. No. We are asking you to just breathe. Whenever you are out of any meeting or got free from the reading session or your house chores. Just go get that fresh air. It’s the best thing that your body will ever get. And try to do that early morning because then there isn’t any much of pollution and Air quality index is relatively better. You’ll feel light, easy and full of spark for the rest of the day and will also feel lively while working for longer hours.

Jim Karas, celebrity fitness and lifestyle expert, founder of Jim Karas Personal Training in Chicago and author of The Ultimate Diet REVolution says-

“Even before getting out of bed, I put my mind and body into relaxation mode, as odds are it’s going to exist in the stressful ‘fight or flight’ mode for most of the day. I place one hand on my diaphragm and slowly inhale through my nose. Then, I hold it for two seconds and slowly exhale through my mouth. I do this every morning for at least five to seven minutes. The longer the inhale and exhale, the more this puts the body in its parasympathetic or relaxation mode. This gives me clarity once I finally get out of bed to start the day proactively, rather than reactively.”


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